Ultimate Wireless Car Charger Unique Features And Benefits


You are working in a multinational company, and suddenly an important task is assigned to you in which you need to visit now the different cities of your country.

The long traveling and longer calls can drain your mobile battery faster, and you don’t have any option left to charge your smartphone in the middle of the desert. Don’t worry; the wireless car charger is here to assist you.

The unique designed wireless charger by UGREEN has a stylish holder that allows your mobile to place in front of you while driving with charging. This charging adapter has three unique charging modes for all kinds of devices that support higher or lower voltages.

Let’s jump into the further article to explore deeper details of this great device which already makes you so curious to know about it.

Unique Gravity Design

Having a Wireless Car Charger is a must-have nowadays. It offers a more convenient way to charge your phone while driving than traditional wired chargers. This way, you won’t accidentally put a strain on your charging cable that may result in damage to your phone or car.

But most importantly, with the help of this unique gravity design, you don’t need to worry about spilling anything on your phone when you receive a call, as the built-in silicone cushion well protects it.

Gravity Design Dual USB Wireless Car Charger ensures your phone is always charging when you are on the go. The cradle-less design makes it easy to insert or remove your phone from the charger. There is no need to attach any cables; place your phone in the cradle and allow gravity to take its course.

Three Unique Charging Modes

This UGREEN wireless car charger has three unique modes that allow you to use it with any smartphone company mobile compatible with wireless charging.

1. 5W Standard Charging

The 5W standard charging mode supports all kinds of top mobile companies worldwide. 5W Standard Charging mode can quickly charge your smartphone as a fast charger. It is compatible with most smartphones that support QI wireless charging standards.

2. iPhone Charger 7.5W Wireless

The wireless car charger 7.5W Charging mode for iPhone also uses the Qi charging technology, which can provide power to your mobile devices without any cable or plug.

With the wireless car charger 7.5W Charging mode for iPhone, you can charge your phone without a cable and keep your device securely in place. Features such as Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging and magnetic wireless charging provide a hassle-free wireless charging experience

3. Samsung 10W Wireless Charging

UGREEN wireless car charger Samsung 10W Wireless Charging mode is beneficial compared to the conventional way of charging your phone using a cable.

It is 1.4 times faster than the 5W standard wireless charging mode. Wireless is much more convenient; no more tangled wires and cables in the car! Simple installation, plug, and play; Can be used on all Qi compliance devices.

The unique and amazing features ensure that UGREEN never compromises their client’s demands and keeps this device simple, unique, and valuable.


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