How to easily clean the house with a pressure washer


Pressure washing is one of the best and easiest ways that save you money, time, and labor to maintain the house and make it attractive after years. You would have wasted your time cleaning and rubbing your house but now you do not need to make meaningless efforts. After 48 hours of research on which pressure washer is best for household cleaning, we have come to the point that electric pressure washers are less expensive, light-weighted, portable, and easy to use but a gasoline model is the best ideal to use for cleaning houses because gasoline models cover more cleaning unites in less GPM(gallons per minute) and PSI(pounds per square inch) which matters while purchasing a pressure washer.

This article includes all the so that by the end of this video you are confident to wash your house and have it looking sparkly and clean like new.

What is pressure washing

As indicated by the name, it is the time of washing that cleans an area with the water pressure because of PSI. If you think of it as a car then a normal garden hose is like an old car which required so much time to get strat and a pressure washer is like a shining sports car that everyone dreams to have. It is used to clean many areas where cleaning by hand is not efficiently possible.

Things to know before you start pressure washing a house

Before pressure washing a house, you have to know first what material oh the house you are going to be pressure wash. Because it will indicate to you which nozzle should be best for cleaning that specific area so you must have the inspection before you begin.

  • While you are inspecting the home, find the areas where the water can get inside and cover them.
  • Cover the exterior lights and doorbell of the house.
  • While pressure washing avoids applying pressure to the side of the window, and doors because water could get in and can cause leakage.

How to choose appropriate tip for pressure washing different surfaces

The tip is simply a nozzle that is used to connect at the end of the wand of the pressure washer. There are different orientations and variety of the nozzle which is specially designed and used for washing its specific area and if you use the wrong nozzle your washing surface might get damaged.

Pink-low pressure Nozzle:

The pink tip is the low-pressure nozzle. It is commonly used in applying detergents to your washing area.

White spray 40° Nozzle:

It has a wide opening that assures you to use it while washing softer surfaces as it has emitted less pressure that’s why the softer surfaces are less prone to being damaged.

Yellow spray-15° Nozzle:

It is commonly used to keep the surface prep like removing dirt or paint.

Red spray-0° Nozzle:

It is a zero-degree nozzle that delivers a very sharp and pointed flow of water and could damage the surface.


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