• Ferguson 1000

About Us

The mission of Ferguson 1000 is to be a  primary engine for economic development in Ferguson, and other urban cities nationwide. Our objective is to  leverage the City’s assets to drive growth, create jobs, and improve quality of life through corporate relationships and minority business development.

We are an organization dedicated to Ferguson and St. Louis and its people. We use our expertise to develop, advise, manage, and invest to strengthen businesses and help neighborhoods thrive. We make the region stronger.

Ferguson 1000 works with nearly 100 corporations, community groups and citizens in improving the quality of life. We have over 100 volunteers that work with us in this effort. Our leadership core is 25 leaders who range in all sectors of the economy with expertise in each.

We Develop to Make the Region Stronger

We build from the bottom up; starting with a strong infrastructure to support the region’s  many neighborhoods. By leveraging partnerships between the public and private sectors, we stimulate the economy with real estate developments that create jobs, build and revive communities, and improve quality of life for all.

We Advise to Make the Region Stronger

By providing expert business, economic and policy advice to the City, not-for-profit, and for-profit private sectors, we work to ensure that region remains a global center of commerce and culture. We work with the city’s workforce department and the regional chamber  on strategic issues and devising programs that help to attract and retain world-class companies and professionals including minority businesses. In order to diversify and grow the City’s economy, our extensive initiatives are designed to assist the City’s various sectors and to introduce actionable plans to make our vision for the City’s future a reality. This mission will be duplicated in Baltimore as our first expansion city while growing to more as well.

We Manage to Make the Region  Stronger

Our emphasis on minority business development and job creation through corporations leverages  assets generates revenue while creating jobs and new business opportunities. We partner with other organizations  agencies to ensure that our potential employees have access to jobs and minority businesses have access to opportunities

We Invest to Make the Region Stronger

We provide the financial tools access that allow businesses and not-for-profits to grow and create new jobs. We also fund public and private projects that generate jobs and revenue – investments for now and for the future.

Ferguson  is dedicated to investing in growth and capital but it’s not only economic, it’s also human growth and capital—Ferguson, St. Louis, Baltimore and other urban cities will  realize a rich, rewarding, and vibrant future. It is this investment and commitment that can help strengthen the City of Urban America.

Dave Spence

Dave Spence


Dr. Dave Spence was born in Overland in St. Louis County, Missouri. He spent much of his childhood in the St. Louis area with his mother and two sisters. Following graduation from Kirkwood High School Spence earned a degree from the University of Missouri in Columbia.

In 1985, after being turned down by 12 banks the 26-year old Spence purchased Alpha Packaging, a small plastics firm. Under his ownership it expanded from 15 to 800 employees. Spence has a family background in the plastics industry. His father had started a rubber and plastics business, for which Dave Spence worked as a teen; however, Spence has also served as Chairman of Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging. Spence and wife, Suzie, married in 1990 and are the parents of four children.

In November 2011, Spence announced his intention to run for Governor of Missouri regardless of whether Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder decided to run.

Dr. E Lance McCarthy

Dr. E Lance McCarthy


Dr. E. Lance McCarthy is a nationally recognized Faith Based Economist and Investment Advisor, with a specialty in urban development. Dr. McCarthy has assisted non-profit organizations, churches, corporations, professional athletes and cities with economic development and financing plans. His public policy research, Fortune 100 experience, entrepreneurial endeavors and non-profit initiatives give him insight into our nation’s most pressing problems. Most recently Dr. McCarthy has been appointed National Economic Advisor for Faith Driven Consumer, the organization which represents more than 41 million Faith Driven Consumers in the United States, who collectively spend $2 trillion annually. Dr. McCarthy will be working with corporations to assist them in working with the Faith Driven Consumer. He also represents faith-based funding sources that have provided $1 billion dollars in investments for churches nationwide. Presently, Dr. McCarthy is a financial consultant on the upcoming movie “Mary”—set to arrive in theaters nationwide in December 2016.