• Minority Business
    Investment Opportunities

We provide weekly meetings with our minority businesses to discuss their growth strategy and objectives.
This concludes with introductions and negotiations with major corporations for contracts and capital.

We also promote monthly workshops to include “Black Tech Mixers” “Access to Capital”  “Credit Enhancement” and “How to Pitch to an Investor”. Through our meetings and workshops we are able to aggregate the impact and growth of Minority Businesses in the local market.

During our “Hiring Event Weekend Lecture”, we chose 6 Minority Businesses to “Pitch” to the audience and investors.
We will list our companies for the market to meet and discuss with them opportunities.

Human Resources Tech

Better Weekdays is a Human Resource Tech Firm that creates algorithms forr getting the best candidates for companies. Their two prong approach assists the companies and the candidates on a career path and system. Their algorithms can also provide companies the best route for maximizing employee productivity. Ferguson 1000 was able to connect them to the largest consulting firm in the world to discuss a partnership of assisting other corporations in this effort. Ferguson 100 is also partnering with Better Weekdays to provide their service before during and after our “Hiring Events”. This will enhance the worker’s impact and keep them abreast of all job opportunities through their mobile device.

Fashion Tech

The Best Pocket Square Holder is a fashion tech firm that enchances the accessories of men in fashion. They have developed their own mobile app that shares ways in tie instructions, pocket square instructions and means to accessorize. They also have developed the patent for the “Best Pocket Square” holder to keep your pocket square in place. Ferguson 1000 was able to assist in getting them into the TRex tech incubator as a tenant which has resulted in hiring 6 seemtresses in the local market. Ferguson 1000 is negotiating with major organizations about placing their product in their stores. Ferguson 1000 has also set up “The Best Pocket Square Holder” with a Billionaire Mentor.

Construction Tech

UNK Flooring is a certified minority construction firm with an emphasis in flooring. They are a labor shop as well. UNK flooring like many minority construction firms need bridge financing for growth. Through the Ferguson 1000 platform, we were able to get UNK a private investor for bridge funding. This resulted in contracts with Porshe, Cortex, Barnes Hospital and others. The President and CEO is an ex felon and was able to hire 25 new hires for the jobs of which half were ex felons. The company is slated to have revenue near $2M. They have a technology software system that assists in tracking the progress of a JOB

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Minority Business Development

Ferguson 1000 Jobs has a specific program of assisting in the growth of minority businesses. It is our objective to help minority businesses with the 3C’s, Contacts, Contracts and Capital. By our Business Mentor program, we will match minority businesses with businesses in their respective industry to assist in the growth of their firms. We […]