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Navigating the Hiring Process

Nike employs more than 40,000 workers worldwide to assist in developing, marketing, and selling athletic sportswear. Successful hires usually cite a one-to-four week process between submission of preliminary employment forms, the job interview, and reaching a hiring decision. The sportswear company operates as an extremely large corporation and keeps the hiring process very competitive and often utilizes employee referrals to fill staffing needs.

Group Interviews and One-on-One Meetings

Entry-level applicants are usually contacted for an interview within a few weeks of employment requisition. Because of the large quantity of candidates, Nike hiring representatives approach screening by means of group interviews initially. Applicants who make a good impression are either asked to come back for a 1:1 meeting or receive email notification about decision to hire a short time after the group interview. Interview questions almost always revolve around availability, job history, and experience/knowledge in athletics.

Interviews for Upper-Level Positions

Job seekers vying for higher-level positions at Nike must pass more arduous tests before gaining employment consideration with the multi-billion dollar corporation. Hiring staff screen upper-level candidates via phone interviews before scheduling 1:1 or panel interviews. The company looks for innovation, motivation, and creative qualities in candidates by inquiring about job history, skills, and future aspirations.

Questions for Upper-Level Candidates

Some upper-level candidates encounter questions like:

  • “Have you worked with or coached an athlete before?”
  • “If so, how did you help them reach their best?”
  • “Give an example of a time you overcame adversity.”

How to Prepare

Preparation serves as the key to performing well at Nike job interviews. Applicants should know company history, values, and vision. Job hopefuls should also be familiar with recent innovations and historically successful products. Potential team members should review job history and share applicable skills with the interviewer when given the opportunity.

Making a Good Impression

All applicants should dress in a contemporary and professional manner for Nike job interviews. In group interview sessions, applicants should respectfully speak up when given the chance. Trying to appear modest may not grab the attention of the hiring staff as they are looking for applicants who desire to prove themselves. Speak concisely and thoughtfully. Always thank hiring staff for the opportunity before and after each interview. The company may conduct a background check before confirming employment.

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